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Don't know if you have to money to take your significant other to that nice restaurant? Setting a budget with CannyPig will give you the confidence you need to live your life without worrying about overspending every day. We make budgeting an easy and rewarding experience and take out a lot of the monotonous work so you can spend less time sorting through transactions and more time with your life.

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Creating your budget is simple

When your budget follows a category, any transactions that come in under that category name will automatically be assigned to that budget. You can always make exceptions.

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Create goals and track progress

With CannyPig, you can set a goal for your savings accounts and feel a sense of accomplishment as your Account balance slides closer to your goal.

Average Spending for Informed Decisions

Make informed decisions by seeing the average you spend each each year over a span of categories. You can dig into to each category to see a breakdown by month and you can expand the month to show each transaction in that month

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CannyPig Automatic Categorization Rules

Automatic Categorization Rules

Create rules to that how transactions should fit your budget. Want Kroger transactions between $10-30 dollars to go to Gas and other Kroger ranges to go to Groceries & Supplies. Our categorization rules give you the power to automatically assign transactions to your budget.

CannyPig Logo

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