CannyPig Bank Connection page

Connect to more than one bank

Connect more than one bank and choose what accounts you want to work with. With CannyPig you can connect one account with your subscription plan and additional accounts cost $0.40/monthly. In each connection you can choose what Accounts you want … Read More

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CannyPig Account Balance Warning

Be warned when your Bank Account Balance drops too low

CannyPig can warn you with mustard colored dollar figures if your account balance drops below a certain threshold. You can set this amount in your Account & Settings page under “Minimum Balance Buffer Warning” or in the Budget page ellipsis … Read More

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CannyPig Custom Category

Customize your categories

Don’t like the categories you’re offered by CannyPig? You can create your own in the Categories & Notifications page and create Categorization Rules so incoming transactions are automatically assigned to your custom categories.

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CannyPig Goals Page Pixel XL

Get a sense of accomplishment as you reach your saving goals

Saving for a car? Emergency Fund? Down payment on a home? You likely are moving money to your savings account to prepare for such eventuality. CannyPig allows you to set a goal amount and track the balance of a savings … Read More

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CannyPig Share Account

Share your account with your partner

You can also share your account with your partner or significant other so you both have access to the same data. Under your Account & Settings page, scroll down to “Partner Account” and click Request Partner. Type the email of … Read More

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CannyPig Budget Month Start Date

Don’t let odd pay dates throw off your budget

Some people receive more than one paycheck a month and perhaps on odd days like the 6th and 21st. With most budgeting apps, this means you have an awkward 6 days where you must budget based on the previous month’s … Read More

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CannyPig Recommended Budgets

Receive help getting started with Recommended Budgets

Having trouble deciding how much you should budget for each month? CannyPig helps you get started by offering you a recommended budget based off of three months of your bank transaction history. Simply tick the recommended budgets you want to … Read More

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CannyPig Average Spending Tablet

Know where to cut back with Average Spending reports

Wondering where your money goes each month? Take a look at the Average Spending page to get an idea of what categories you spend the most in. Choose how many months you want to average for and CannyPig will tell … Read More

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CannyPig Notification

Be notified of your spending

You can also set up CannyPig to send you push notifications of spending in certain categories as new transactions are reported by your bank. It will tell you the total you’ve spent for the current budget month in that category. … Read More

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CannyPig Budget Page Tablet

Budgeting based on account balance rather than income

Many budgeting apps require you to enter a static income amount and budget based on the amount you entered. And while that’s a solid approach, it doesn’t factor in what your actual bank account balance is. If you overspent one … Read More

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