Connect to more than one bank

CannyPig Bank Connection page

Connect more than one bank and choose what accounts you want to work with. With CannyPig you can connect one account with your subscription plan and additional accounts cost $0.40/monthly. In each connection you can choose what Accounts you want to budget off of including credit cards.

High Level Bank Security

CannyPig uses Third-party platform Plaid to securely handle your bank credentials. When you connect your bank account to CannyPig, your credentials are never sent to us and instead are used by Plaid to generate a token that gives us read only access to your bank account balances and transactions without ever actually giving us the credentials or permitting us to transfer money in or out of your account. This keeps an attacker from transferring money out of your account if your CannyPig Account is ever stolen and helps to keep your bank credentials secure

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