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CannyPig is a new, modern budgeting app for managing your monthly spending. It brings together convenience, power, and a beautiful UI to help make managing your budget easier.

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Easily create a budget

Create a budget with your account balance in mind so you're creating a budget you can trust. See your spending in each budget and learn where you can cut back.

Curious how much you've spent on Eating Out?

CannyPig shows your average spending across a range of months so you can see where your money is going

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Connect your financial accounts

CannyPig securely connects to your bank institution using Plaid and downloads the latest transactions automatically to make budgeting hassle free.

Automatically assign transactions

CannyPig allows you to create rules to automatically assign transactions to your budget so you can avoid the headache of having to categorize all your transactions one by one

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CannyPig Features

CannyPig comes with several desirable features to help make budgeting convenient and powerful

Trust your budget

Develop your budget with your account balance in mind so you know how much you'll have left after your budget and bills.


Receive notifications when your spending in particular categories reaches a certain threshold.

Average spending

See how much you spend on average in certain categories over a given range of months.

CannyPig Budget & Transaction Pages

Budget ideas

We recommend a budget based on your average spending history to help get you started.

Budget start date

Receive your first paycheck on the 6th? With CannyPig you can customize the date your budget starts.

Share your account

Share your CannyPig account with your partner so you both have access to the same budget, banks, and history.

The CannyPig app is a great tool and it is the best app I have used to create and manage my budget. It is a perfect combination of being simple and easy to use, but also offering many features and customization options. The layout is done extremely well, and the user interface is very smooth and straightforward. Overall, CannyPig excels at making budgeting an easy and rewarding experience.
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